Horsforth Fairweather FC

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Money.

  Annual subs are currently set at £15, and are needed to meet the bills the club faces over the close season period - league and cup entrance fees, FA affiliation, pitch rental, etc. Club funds are a bit depleted these days... They should be paid to the Treasurer before the end of July, and must be paid by the end of August. Anyone who hasnít paid up once the season starts is letting everyone else down, and is liable to be left out of the team without further explanation.

  Weekly subs are set at £3.50 for training (or £28 for a term) and £3.50 per game. These are required to meet such expenses as hire of school premises, changing room costs, refereesí fees, etc, and should be paid every week, to the Treasurer or to whomever is standing in for him. Substitutes pay on a pro-rata basis with the player replaced, e.g., if the substitution was made at half time, both players pay half each. The level of these subs may decrease as and when organised fund raising gets under way - but that is something else for which we need your help!

Seriously, a big thank you to those who pay their subs without being chased   Subs should be paid to the Treasurer without him having to come looking for the money. You can catch him either before the game, or after it, or in the pub, but itís your responsibility to seek him out and pay him, not for him to chase you.

  If you are one these people who insist on paying with a ten or twenty pound note every few weeks rather than when the subs actually fall due, then please note, we are not running a credit facility. Block payment of subs should please be made in advance, not in arrears.

  Anyone having genuine difficulty in keeping up to date with payments can come to an arrangement with the Treasurer to pay off an outstanding debt in stages. Assuming the club is itself on an even keel financially, we are always willing to make such an arrangement with anyone, but, having made such an arrangement, we will insist on you sticking to it. And, given that the Treasurer is also the Manager these days, if you don't stick to it you can probably guess what the consequences will be.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Signing-On.

  You must fill in and sign the appropriate Combination League signing-on form before playing for this club. If you have already signed for another club in the Combination this season, you will need a transfer form, and this needs the signature of an official of the club youíre leaving.

  It can take a few days for signing-on forms to be processed by the Combination and returned, and weíre not allowed to play you until your form is back in our hands - you canít sign players on Sunday mornings any more. Also, the eligibility rules for the cup competitions which we enter are somewhat varied, but a good rule of thumb is the sooner you sign on the sooner you are allowed to play - and this club does not field ineligible players as a matter of policy. So please donít delay in filling in the form and getting it back to the club Secretary.

  It costs us £2 to sign a player on in the Combination, but it also takes up time and effort, so please donít waste our time by filling in a form if youíve no intention of playing for us.

  Contrary to rumours, you donít actually need to have paid your annual subs to sign on. It helps of course, but some players are always signed at the clubís expense just in case theyíre needed, so, if in doubt, sign the form, and leave it to us to decide if and when you are registered.

  We must have your home address, telephone number, and if possible email address. Itís not fair to expect us to run the club without this information. A mobile number is more helpful, and will only be used with discretion and when absolutely necessary.

  We need a date of birth from all players (not just the under-18s), as the County FA require the information for disciplinary purposes.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Communications.

'This is Martin Woods of Philips Lighting, I'm not available to take your call right now, 
please leave a message and I'll get back to you'.   The managerís phone numbers are printed in every newssheet. Claiming you donít know how to contact him is the most pathetic excuse imaginable.

  If you have a point to make to the Manager, about team selection or whatever, thatís your right, but please donít rant at him on the touchline in front of the opposition on a Sunday morning. Ring him, or see him at training, or talk to him in the pub, or something. But letís not wash our dirty linen in public.

  If you know youíre not going to be at training, ring the Manager with your excuse in advance, not three days later.

  If you werenít at training, ring to find out whether youíre in the team or squad for Sunday, and what arrangements have been made for meeting, getting changed, etc.

  If you need to know anything about where weíre meeting, whoís in the team, etc, ring the Manager - donít sit there waiting for him to ring you. Itís far more equitable for everyone to make one phone call than for one person to make about twenty.

  The earlier in the week you ring the Manager, the better, Thursday being the latest you should normally leave it to confirm your availability or otherwise - but a call on Sunday morning is better than none at all.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Training.

Training the Big Bear way Training the Little Bear way Training the Woody way Training the Riggsy way

  Serious contenders for places in the team are expected to attend training regularly and punctually - itís as simple as that. We go training for a purpose, namely to get fit. It follows that, if youíre not at training regularly, you canít be as fit as you need to be.

  For training sessions, we provide you with bibs in fluorescent shades of green and orange. These are to you identify team-mates, so wearing bright green or vivid orange tops underneath might cause you a problem. Better to stick to plain colours.

  The facility where we train has a no-smoking policy: please respect it.

  We play in shinpads, so training without them is unrealistic, as well as being dangerous.

  Similarly, we donít wear baseball caps during games, so wearing them for training just makes you look silly. They are also dangerous in heading situations, and you are risking injury to your team-mates if you persist in wearing them.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Timekeeping.

Mr Parker's silent alarm clock   On Sunday mornings, arrive at the place stipulated at the correct time (usually 10.00 for home games), erring on the side of caution if necessary. If you are going to be late, ring the Manager and let him know (use his mobile number if necessary). Failure to follow this rule may lead to your being left out of the side without further explanation.

  Anyone who turns up, obviously the worse for wear from the previous nightís socialising, donít be surprised if you get dropped.

  If youíre giving or accepting a lift to the game, note that itís a joint responsibility to arrive on time, i.e., if youíre late, both driver and passenger are at fault. So, if youíre a driver and your passenger is making you late, tell him to ask someone else for a lift next week and tell him why; if youíre a passenger and your lift is late, try to make alternative arrangements next week.

  If youíre going to be late for training, again, ring the Manager before the event and let him know. If youíre regularly missing from training, you can expect to be dropped, and this goes for people who are persistently late. And, as on Sundays, drivers and passengers are equally culpable.

  For home games, all the selected players help to put the nets up. Anyone who shirks this task is saying to his team-mates, "I think Iím better than you", and deserves no sympathy if taken to task and/or disciplined for lack of team spirit. After the game, win, lose or draw, all eleven players on the field at the end are to help take the nets down. This is to be done before helping yourselves to drinks, nattering to your mates, etc. If everyone joins in, this takes about two minutes, but, if half of you think you're too good to be bothered, it can take much longer and lead to erosion of team morale.

  Players who are not picked for any given match are encouraged to turn up and watch. Itís more fun than staying in bed, and it might fool the Manager into thinking youíve got a good attitude. If you do turn up, please bring your boots, and turn up five minutes before kick-off time, rather than five minutes after. You never know, we may be unexpectedly short, and, if we are, we can name you as one of the subs, but only if youíre there on time - we have to give the subsí names to the referee before kick-off.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - During the Game.

  One of the substitutes is to run the line, if required, and one is to run on with the first aid kit when necessary. The main reason for this is that they are the ones with the boots on.

  As far as is reasonably possible, substitutes and supporters are asked to help with getting the ball back, especially when itís for our team and, most important, especially when weíre a goal down! OK, we canít expect you to form an impenetrable cordon round the field, and we acknowledge that not everybody who turns up on Sundays does so in order to chase stray footballs over the edge of cliffs and into clumps of nettles and that, but it really helps the morale of the players on the field to know theyíre getting effective support from those off it.

  Players who have been substituted are expected to behave with dignity, and to contribute to the above duties if at all possible. Only injury can excuse failure to do so.

  During the Managerís team talks, before the game and at half time, do him the courtesy of listening to what he has to say. He only has a couple of minutes to put his points across, so please donít interrupt him or start a rival conversation. This applies to supporters as well as to the team!

  Everyoneís entitled to their opinion, we all agree, but, if you come to support us, please do so. Supporters, please try to leave any necessary criticism to the Manager - thatís what heís there for! Players, donít forget no-one turns up hoping the team loses, so please take whatís said on the touchline in the heat of the moment in the spirit itís intended.

  The changing rooms at Bedquilts have a no-smoking policy: please respect it.

Cheer leaders Cheer leaders Cheer leaders Cheer leaders Cheer leaders Cheer leaders Cheer leaders

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Equipment.

  We need the following equipment for home games (person responsible in brackets): goal nets (Steve), corner flags (Woody), two match quality balls and the pump (Woody), track suits (Woody), the green & black strip (whoever washed it last week), linesmenís flags (Steve), money for referee (Steve).

  We need the following for away games: track suits (Woody), green/black or yellow strip as appropriate (both kits if in doubt) (Steve).

Oh no, AJ's used up all the heat rub again!

  For all matches, and for training, we need: practice balls (Woody), first aid kit (Woody).

  If youíre responsible for any of these items, it goes without saying youíre expected to bring them every week without being reminded. But also, if for whatever reason youíre not there any particular week, itís your responsibility to arrange for someone else to take them off you and bring them to the match.

  If you think thereís a lot of responsibility spread around a small number of people, youíre right. Anyone who wants to volunteer for any of these jobs, your offer would be gratefully received.

  You are expected to treat all the clubís equipment as if it were your own - which, in fact, it effectively is! When itís lost or worn out, it has to be replaced, and the cost of this, one way or another, will come from your pocket, so please donít misuse anything that belongs to the club.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - The Kit.

Steve's washing machine pleads for mercy   Treat the kit with the care it deserves. It cost a lot of money and it has to last a long time. Put it in the kit bag after the game, shirts and socks the right way round please (itís no fun unfolding 14 pairs of sweaty socks on a Sunday afternoon!), and donít use the shirts as towels.

  Irrespective of where weíre playing, whether there are changing rooms, etc, the kit is to be handed in directly after the game, either in the changing rooms or at the side of the pitch. No-one takes any item of kit home without first clearing it with the kit manager (Steve), and no-one takes a shirt away under any circumstances whatsoever. It doesnít take a leap of imagination to work out that, if we relax this rule, we could soon start losing irreplaceable items.

  The black bag that lives on the touchline during games is principally for spare items of kit that may be needed by the players. If you must use it to store keys, mobile phones, etc, it is your responsibility to pick them up afterwards. And it is definitely not for use as a waste paper basket.

  If youíre one of these people who canít play without extra pairs of socks, t-shirts or cycling shorts, please get them in the team colours! For extra shorts, this is an FA rule - they must be the same colour as the shorts, i.e. plain black.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Discipline.

'How do you spell Ridsdale?'   This club is justly proud of its disciplinary record, and it should go without saying that those who undermine our efforts in this area are risking their future with the club. We donít tolerate players getting booked or sent off due to indiscipline. It gets the club a bad name, and, contrary to what some might believe, doesnít help us to win matches.

  We expect referees to be treated with respect before, during and after the game.

  This also goes for groundsmen, caretakers, league officials, local residents, and in fact anybody else we come into contact with as a result of being with this club.

  Assuming they conduct themselves in a similar manner, we must also treat players and officials of other clubs with due civility. Unprovoked aggression, intimidation and verbal abuse are not acceptable at this club.

  Irrespective of the oppositionís conduct, racist abuse will not be tolerated.

  Please be advised that "using offensive, insulting or abusive language" (formerly "foul and abusive language") is a sending-off offence. This applies whether it is directed towards the opposition, the referee, the touchline, your own team or even yourself. The usual punishment for this offence is suspension for 5 matches, in addition to a substantial fine. Of course, some referees enforce this rule more strictly than others, but that is the rule, so please donít say you werenít told!

This is for you, John

  If there are toilet facilities provided, use them! If not, please use a little discretion before marking your lamppost - this is something which really does infuriate residents, especially at Bedquilts.

  If you get cautioned or sent off, the fine will be added to your subs. It's £10 for a caution; for a sending-off, weíll let you know the amount. If you donít pay the fine, we are obligated to pay it for you, but we have the power to ask the County FA to suspend you from all football until you reimburse us, and will not shrink from doing this if necessary.

  If you get suspended, we wonít play you. If you play for another club while suspended, and the County FA get to hear of it, youíll be out of the game for a very long time.

  In the last few years, they have changed the way bans are administered. All suspensions are now for a specified number of games, not weeks, and automatically start three weeks after the date of the offence. Also, there are no appeals, unless you have video footage with sound to submit in your defence (unlikely, to say the least), nor pleas in mitigation. This means (e.g.) a two-game ban will start on the third Sunday after you are sent off, and continue until this club has played two competitive matches without you. We will of course keep you up-to-date with the progress of any suspension - just please don't shoot the messenger, OK?

  Suspensions incurred playing for other affiliated clubs in FA-sanctioned competitions on Sundays do prevent you from playing in the Combination. Suspensions from Saturday football, and teams in organised 5-a-side leagues, however, do not: likewise, if you get suspended playing for us, you are still able to play on Saturdays. If in doubt, please ask, or better still, don't get banned. You must tell us if you get suspended playing for another Sunday club (whether through being sent off or accumulating cautions), as we are liable to disciplinary action if you get caught playing for us while banned.

The HFFC Code of Conduct - Leaving the Club.

  Finally, if youíre not happy and decide to leave (hopefully not after reading this!), please note that, to be eligible to play for another club in the Combination, you need to fill in a transfer form. These are available from the Secretary of your new club (not me!), and will be completed by us without undue delay, assuming you donít owe us money. But please - talk to us about it first!

  Any (polite!) suggestions, for additions, amendments or deletions, are always welcomed.

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