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News Headlines....

  19th September: HFFC v Keighley Athletic postponed.

  Result 12th September: HFFC 0, Leeds City Rovers 2.

Updates to fixtures ...
19th September - Shadwell United appears to be off, not sure why; we're playing Keighley Athletic instead.
3rd October is County Cup Round 1, Little London (A), at Potternewton.
No official date for Sunday Senior Cup game v North Leodis, but probably 17th October.

First fixtures of 2021-22 season, all provisional at the moment:
5th Sept - free week;
12th Sept - Leeds City Rovers (H);
19th Sept - Shadwell United (H) - but see note below;
26th Sept - Wellington Wolves (H).

  Leeds FA Sunday Senior Cup draw, also provisional: HFFC away to North Leodis.
An "away" game at Bedquilts, date not certain but probably 19th Sept, meaning Shadwell game would be off.

  Pre-season training for the 2021-22 season will start Sunday 25th July, and continue every Sunday at 10.00 and Tuesday at 6.30 until the start of the season, except on dates we have friendlies arranged. Venue is Tinshill Rec, Otley Old Road. Any potential new players who want a chat with the Manager before turning up, please ring Woody on 07832 702 431, or email him on martinwoods841@gmail.com.