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Sunday 16th February 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Premier Division):

  Horsforth Fairweather v Shadwell United postponed, all games on Leeds parks pitches called off by council.

  Other league games: Eldwick v Keighley Athletic; FC United of Baildon v Salts; Leeds City Rovers v Horsforth Saints; Myrtle Park v Rawdon FC - all postponed.

  Wharfedale FA Sunday Cup Round 2: K Town United v Ventus United; Quarter-Finals: Harrogate Veterans v FC West Leeds (Combi); Otley Town Veterans v Atlanta; Yeadon FC v AFC Titans. Remaining Quarter-Final, date TBA: K Town United or Ventus United v FC Milford of Bramhope.

Sunday 9th February 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Premier Division):

  Rawdon v Horsforth Fairweather postponed.

  Other league games: Burton Leonard v Horsforth Saints; Eldwick v FC United of Baildon; Myrtle Park v Salts; Shadwell United v Yeadon FC - all postponed.

Sunday 2nd February 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Premier Division):

  Salts v Horsforth Fairweather postponed, pitch damaged.

  Other league games: Eldwick 1, Myrtle Park 0; FC United of Baildon v Horsforth Saints postponed; Yeadon FC 0, Leeds City Rovers 11.

  WTFL League Cup Round 2: Keighley Athletic 12, Rawdon FC 1.

  WRCFA County Sunday Cup Quarter-Finals included: Burton Leonard v Shepherds Arms seems to have been postponed.

Sunday 26th January 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Cup Round 2):
Pudsey Athletic 6 Horsforth Fairweather 2

Team: Postle, C.Jones, Shapland, Hoyle, Thorpe, Howarth, Thorp, Francis, Pickering, Hawes, Riley. Subs: Smith, B.Canning, H.Canning, LD.Monaghan. Scorers: Hoyle, H.Canning. Sent off: Howarth (Denying goalscoring opportunity), Thorp (Second caution for dissent).

  I think we'll leave the match report for a day or two...

  Other Round 2 games: AFC Daisy 3, Shadwell United 0; FC Milford of Bramhope or Rawdon FC v Keighley Athletic (date TBA); Myrtle Park 1, Shipley Town 2; Saltaire Rangers 2, Salts Reserves 4; Sporting Pudsey 0, Leeds City Rovers 1. Salts and Burton Leonard byes (due to various Championship teams dropping out).

  WTFL League Cup Round 1: FC Milford of Bramhope 4, Rawdon FC 6.

  Revised Round 3 draw... AFC Daisy v Burton Leonard; Rawdon FC or Keighley Athletic v Pudsey Athletic; Shipley Town v Salts Reserves; Salts v Leeds City Rovers.

  League games: Eldwick 2, Yeadon FC 3; Horsforth Saints 2, FC United of Baildon 2; Salts 1, Burton Leonard 4.

Sunday 19th January 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Premier Division):
Shadwell United 0 Horsforth Fairweather 6

Team: Postle, C.Jones, Shapland, Hoyle, T.Wilson, Howarth, Thorp, Riley, Litvinov, Hawes, Pickering. Subs: Thorpe, B.Canning, LD.Monaghan, Francis; unused sub: Smith. Scorers: Howarth, Thorp, Hawes 3, Litvinov. Cautioned: Thorp (unsporting behaviour).

  Horsforth made just the one change in personnel, Chris Jones starting at right-back in the absence of George Lancaster, but altered the shape a bit, with James Hawes and Thorpy operating as a front two, and Gary Litvinov reverting to midfield.

  The game was in doubt until shortly before the kick-off, due to the hard ground, and the opening phases were indecisive, Horsforth having more of the ball but not really making any clear-cut chances. All that changed in the 14th minute when Dave Howarth's free kick from the right was only half-cleared, and the set piece taker himself followed up to volley us into the lead. It was a precarious one for a while, as the home team, strong and physical, started to dominate the midfield, and we were asked to call on our defence more than once to keep them at bay. But Horsforth always seemed to have that extra touch of class when needed, and in the 29th minute an astonishing through pass from Dave, deep in his own half, found Thorpy in space, and the Horsforth striker coolly strode past the remnants of the Shadwell defence before inevitably making it 2-0. This turn of events ushered in a very good spell for us, and we might have had a goal or two more before the break, but at half-time we knew we still had work to do.

  As it turned out, the home team enjoyed their own best spell early in the second period, as their hard-working midfield combined with our propensity for conceding free kicks caused more than a few moments of concern. Fifteen minutes in, Gary went on a great run down the left, and his low cross was met at the far post for a tap-in from Hawesy. At 3-0, the points always looked to be ours, but the home team never gave up, and we still had to work hard for the clean sheet, Tom Thorpe making another impressive appearance from the bench to bolster the defence. On 28 minutes Dave's corner bounced clear to Gary, who bundled his shot into the net from close range, and with Ben Canning on as sub down the left we continued to torment the home team down this channel. In the 34th minute, Thorpy's persistence resulted in his having an opportunity to cross from the left, and Hawesy was on hand again to do the necessary. Two more subs were thrown on: Luke Monaghan up front and the welcome return from injury of club captain Jamie Francis. The final goal arrived in the 44th minute, Ben's left-wing cross being headed home by Hawesy for his hat-trick, and 6-0 it ended.

  There had been a general feeling in the last few weeks that Horsforth had turned something of a corner from the relatively indifferent form of the first half of the season. A couple of good results, and more importantly outstanding performances, against the league's top two sides, had been very welcome of course, but today we wanted the points from one of the division's (supposedly) weaker sides, and duly took them in a manner suggesting that we have indeed taken things up a level. I'd say on reflection this game wasn't anywhere near as easy as the scoreline would suggest, the home team were combative and motivated, and as already mentioned there were phases when they seemed to be getting on top of us. But we held firm at the back when required, and exploited our range of attacking talent when we could. The defence worked well as a unit, our passing was inspired in difficult conditions and every time we got the ball down we looked dangerous. A good day's work.

  Other league games: Eldwick 2, Horsforth Saints 1; Keighley Athletic v FC United of Baildon postponed; Leeds City Rovers 2, Salts 1.

  WRCFA County Sunday Cup Round 3 included: Hollins Home 4, Rawdon FC 2.

  LDFA Sunday Senior Cup Quarter-Final: New Armley 0, Main Line Social 4. (HT Sports, Sheepscar and Whitkirk Wanderers already through to Semi-Finals.)

  Wharfedale FA Sunday Cup Round 2: Burley Trojans Veterans 2, Yeadon FC 2 (Yeadon won on penalties); Burton Leonard 1, AFC Titans 3; Esholt 1, FC West Leeds (Combi) 5; Rawdon v Atlanta away walkover for some reason. Round 1: Ventus United 6, FC County 1.

Sunday 12th January 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Premier Division):
Horsforth Fairweather 0 Salts 0

Team: Postle, Lancaster, Shapland, Hoyle, T.Wilson, Howarth, Thorp, Pickering, Litvinov, Hawes, Riley. Subs: Thorpe, C.Jones; unused subs: B.Canning, H.Canning, Smith. Cautioned: Pickering, Thorp (both unsporting behaviour).

  Horsforth made just the one change, forced on us by the non-HFFC injury to Steve Skillern. But top scorer James Hawes was available again, and came into the side in midfield, Henry Riley moving over to the left.

  The heavy pitch meant there was to be little chance to repeat the quality football from last week, but nevertheless both sides did their best to play some decent stuff, and the first half was far from uneventful. Horsforth's defence continued to look strong, our approach play was at times inspired and the work-rate admirable. The game was inevitably punctuated by errors, but for that I'd say the conditions were mostly to blame.

  As the second half wore on, Horsforth if anything grew stronger, and looked the fitter team before the 90 minutes were up. We were able to bring on two defenders as subs, the worthy Chris Jones and new recruit Tom Thorpe (no relation), allowing George Lancaster and Dave Howarth the rare luxury of a move into midfield. As it began to look ever more likely the contest would be settled by the odd goal, we also switched Hawesy to the striker's role, as we searched for that vital breakthrough. While it's true we could have lost the game through one mistake, I'd venture to say we were by some way the more likely winners in the concluding stages, but for the second week running (never, since you ask!) the match ended scoreless.

  Yes, we really needed to win this one, and were disappointed to end with just the one point, same as last week. However, there were many positives from this game too: the defence is as solid as it's been for a long while, the side's fitness level is impressive, and the squad is looking a bit deeper than hitherto. So that's a point off the undefeated league champions, and a point off the (also undefeated) league leaders: we just need to channel the improved performances into results now.

  Other league games: Burton Leonard v FC United of Baildon postponed; Keighley Athletic v Eldwick postponed; Shadwell United v Leeds City Rovers postponed; Yeadon FC v Myrtle Park postponed.

  WRCFA County Sunday Cup Round 3 included: Hollins Home v Rawdon FC - postponed yet again.

Sunday 5th January 2020 (Wharfedale Triangle League Premier Division):
Leeds City Rovers 0 Horsforth Fairweather 0

Team: Postle, Lancaster, Shapland, Hoyle, T.Wilson, Howarth, Thorp, Pickering, Litvinov, Riley, Skillern. Subs: H.Canning, B.Canning; unused sub: C.Jones.

  Three weeks on from the Sunday Cup exit, Horsforth faced the Wharfedale Triangle's undefeated champions with yet more team changes forced on us by the absence of top scorer James Hawes, defensive stalwart Phil Smith and club captain Jamie Francis. So, we moved Gary Litvinov into the attack, and brought Henry Riley and Matty Pickering into the side in midfield, alongside Kev Hoyle. There was some good news, the welcome return to the defence of Dave Howarth and, at long last, Dave Shapland.

  The result was actually a thoroughly solid performance from start to finish. George Lancaster, Tom Wilson and the two Daves dealt with the threat from the City strikers quite admirably, and when called upon Jonathan Postle was in fine form behind them. The midfield played some simple but effective stuff, nice passing moves (which of course we hadn't been able to do in the mud at Chapeltown) and more efficient at getting the ball forward to the strikers Steve Skillern, Thorpy and Gary, all dangerous in their own way and any one of them more than capable of settling a game at this level. Skilly had perhaps the best chance of the first half, his shot well saved, and the best shout for a penalty, turned down by the referee. Overall, I'd venture to say we were the better side over the 45 minutes, but it would be wrong to deny City had their moments too, and the game was very much in the balance at the interval.

  And to be honest, that's how it stayed. The home side came a bit more into the game after the break, and there were a few moments when class defending was required, plus as always the safe hands of Pos (and on one occasion, his feet), but as the game opened out we had a couple of superb opportunities, notably when Thorpy almost took the ball round the City keeper and when Gary's close-range header was somehow palmed away. Horsforth brought both the Canning brothers into the fray for the last 15 minutes or so, but were unable to break the deadlock. Fair to say, either team might have won it, equally fair perhaps to admit neither side deserved to lose.

  So, the first nil-nil since 2010 (Pudsey Libs, since you ask), a game that deserves to be remembered more for the performance than the result, but worth bearing in mind these were the first points Leeds City have dropped at home since joining the Wharfedale Triangle. For Horsforth, other tough games lie ahead, but for now I'd say rumours of the season being dead seem to have been greatly exaggerated...

  Other league games: Myrtle Park 2, Eldwick 1; Burton Leonard 6, Shadwell United 1; Salts 4, Yeadon FC 2.

  WTFL League Cup Round 1: Yeadon Athletic 1, Keighley Athletic 4.

  WRCFA County Sunday Cup Round 3 included: Hollins Home v Rawdon FC - abandoned according to County FA web site.

  WRCFA County Sunday Cup Round 4 included: FC United of Baildon 0, Rock Inn 1. Burton Leonard v Main Line Social or Crossflatts Village turned out to be walkover for Burton Leonard.

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