Boxes (from 1962).

Red Mounted Knights Box, front view
Blue Mounted Knights Box, front view
Red Mounted Knights Box, rear view

  The writing on the back reads as follows:

  "In 1453 Henry VI became insane and unable to control his Barons. Richard, Duke of York claimed the throne and in 1455 Civil War broke out between Richard and Henry whose cause was championed by his wife Margaret of Anjou.

  "Richards supporters, known as Yorkists, took the White Rose as their symbol whilst Margaret at the head of the Lancastrians wore the Red Rose. The ensuing 30 years of spasmodic warfare were known as the Wars of the Roses.

  "There were many great battles with periods of truce. The first at St Albans (1455) followed by Northampton (1460) when Henry was taken prisoner and York claimed the throne. However, it was decided that Henry should continue to rule and Richard should succeed him.

  "War was soon renewed and in 1461 Richard was killed at Wakefield, and his son became Edward IV. The Lancastrians were again defeated at Towton, but in 1470 the Yorkist leader (Earl of Warwick) changed sides and Henry was released and once again became King.

  "In 1471 the exiled Edward IV returned and defeated the Lancastrians at Tewkesbury and Barnet but finally at Bosworth in 1485 Henry Tudor of the Lancastrians defeated Richard III and was crowned Henry VII of the Tudor monarchy."

Blue Mounted Knights Box, bottom view

  Note that later boxes, otherwise indistinguishable, gave the address of Britains as "Walthamstow, London E.17", rather than King's Cross Road.

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