Horsforth Fairweather FC

HFFC Web Site Usability Statement.

Well, OK, WordPad for some of the larger files.   This is an all-new version of the HFFC web site, and went live in July 2006. It can be accessed as "www.hffc.co.uk" or "www.hffc.org".

  The site has been tested on most modern search engines. It does not use Flash animations, nor ActiveX, nor even HTML frames. Some simplistic JavaScript is employed, mainly for date-dependent content, but it should not seriously affect site usability if JavaScript is disabled. Basic Page Style should be turned on if you're using Firefox or Netscape: Style should be set to Author Mode on Opera.

  It is intended that all pictures are sized in order to prevent screen loading issues, and should have alternate text specified. Please report any deviations from the above. Also any incorrectly labelled links or other usability problems.

  Any issues, please get in touch, if possible specifying what browser and operating system you are using, including version numbers. Please use this link to contact us by email.