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  Details of all games in the 1978 World Cup, text only (mainly in English):

"RSSSF World Cup 1978 Finals page"
(Prepared and maintained by one Gwidon S. Naskrent for the Rec Sport Soccer Statistics Foundation.)

  FIFA site 1978 World Cup page:

FIFA 1978 World Cup

  The Orange Pages, a vast collection of information about Dutch football, including all World Cup campaigns, and forward links to all major Dutch club sites:

  The Dutch soccer team Homepage, facts and figures:

Dutch Soccer Team Homepage

  Dutch footballers of the past:

Dutch Football Legends Site

  The Animation Factory, from where most of the animated flags were obtained:

  Everything you could ever want to know about football stadiums around the world, and the source of the Estadio Mendoza picture, for which my thanks:


All the above sites have contributed in some way to making these pages what they are.

  Please also visit my site dedicated to the 1974 Dutch World Cup team:

Holland 1974

  The Links page on this site contains several items which should also be of interest to fans of the 1978 team. The site also contains a Guestbook.

  In one respect, the 1978 World Cup was far superior to its predecessor: the official FIFA video, in spite of the unimaginative title "Argentina Campeones", is actually not at all bad, at least compared to the awful 1974 effort. You do get to see a lot of football being played, and most of the important games are shown in some form or other, with most (though by no means all) of the clichés which usually spoil football videos from this period mercifully absent.

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