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Holland 1974.
Group 4, Wednesday 7th June 1978 (16.45):
Dutch flag Holland 0 Peru 0 Peruvian flag

Teams -
  8 Jongbloed
20 Suurbier   17 Rijsbergen   5 Krol   2 Poortvliet
  6 Jansen   13 Neeskens   11 W. Van de Kerkhof  
  10 R. Van de Kerkhof   9 Haan   12 Rensenbrink  

  11 Oblitas   19 La Rosa  
10 Cubillas   8 Cueto   6 Velásquez   7 Muñante
5 Diaz   4 Cumpitáz   3 Manzo   2 Duarte
  21 Quiroga  

Substitutes -
16 Rep for 10 R. Van de Kerkhof 46 mins
20 Sotil for 19 La Rosa 63 mins
18 Nanninga for 13 Neeskens 68 mins
Unused Dutch Substitutes -
1 Schrijvers 4 Van Kraay 14 Boskamp
(See note re Van Kraay / Brandts on Iran page)

Cautioned - R. Van de Kerkhof Muñante

Estadio Mendoza
Referee - Adolf Prokop (East Germany).
Linesmen - Coerezza (Argentina), Ivanov (USSR).
Venue - Estadio Mendoza, Mendoza.
Attendance 30,000.

  Holland made a key change for the Peru game, basically bringing in the full-back Jan Poortvliet instead of striker Johnny Rep. Poortvliet's inclusion gave the defence a more traditional look, the orthodox "back four" of yesteryear, while Arie Haan, a very successful stopgap defender himself in 1974, moved up from midfield to replace Rep in the attack, which meant the whole team had a shape more akin to the 1974 side, on paper at least. They didn't change their kit, though, all orange it was again.

Line-up v Peru

Line-up against Peru - again, my apologies for the photo.
Krol, Jongbloed, Rijsbergen, Suurbier, Jansen, Poortvliet,
René van de Kerkhof, Willy van de Kerkhof, Haan,
Rensenbrink, Neeskens, and that mascot again.

  This game I regret to say I didn't catch at the time, and have only ever seen brief edited highlights (and they are very brief), so lengthy comments would be a bit inappropriate. (Can anybody suggest where I might get a video to complete the set?)

Quiroga challenged by René van de Kerkhof (thanks to Stefano for the photo)   Peru featured the World Cup's least likely star in goalkeeper Ramón Quiroga, later to go down in history for being cautioned while in the other team's half. Their ageing but talented team had already astonished the world once with their humiliation of Scotland in the opening game, and it must have occurred to both sides that this was a match between the two likely qualifiers from the group.

Quiroga and Duarte do the Good Samaritan bit, helping Neeskens off the field - 
presumably he was injured at the time?!   The only shot of note in the first half was a long-range free-kick from Rensenbrink, which was fumbled out for a corner by Quiroga. René van de Kerkhof, on one of his lengthy runs down the right, was crisply decked by left-back Toribio Diaz. Though he did manage another long distance effort, which was saved by Quiroga, Van de Kerkhof was not to reappear for the second period.

Unknown Dutch player (Haan?) chasing down Peruvian   Rensenbrink headed another clear-cut chance over the bar in the second half, then had another shot saved by Quiroga after substitute Rep had crossed from the right and Neeskens had headed down to set up the chance. Regretfully, this was to be Neeskens's last contribution to the game, and he was replaced by the increasingly famous Dick Nanninga.

  Rensenbrink exchanged passes with Haan, and again was thwarted by Quiroga, then Nanninga challenged for a towering left wing cross, and seemed to get to the ball first, but the Peruvian keeper collapsed in a heap on the ground, and it took a long time for the referee to restart the game. All in all, it seemed like much ado about nothing.

Rob Rensenbrink, pictured (I think) during this game
  A contest between, say, the Peruvian team of 1970 and Holland of 1974 would have been one to remember, but all reports confirm that this match was indeed a dull stalemate, both sides happy to play out a timid draw, and rely on getting a result in their final respective group games. With Peru facing Iran in their last game, their conservative approach was justifiable if not exactly laudable, but, in Holland's case, with Scotland the third course on their menu, it was to turn out to be rather a short-sighted policy.

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