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The HFFC History Pages - Team pictures through the years.

  Welcome to the Horsforth Fairweather FC pictures pages.

  Not trying to make excuses, but a lot of these pictures were taken with (even for the times) antiquated equipment, in trying circumstances, so please don't be too harsh on the photographer.

  Anyone who thinks they have been misidentified, please use the email link above to let us know.

HFFC 1980-81.

Back: John Field, Rob Phillis, Mal Clements, Paul Kenyon, Mark Bickerdike, Martin Riley, Ray Child.

Front: Bernie Gilmore, Chris Shenton, Steve Burns, Pete Gable, Chris Fitzgerald, Andy Lewis.

The first ever HFFC team pic, was taken at Butcher Hill on 28th September 1980 by Billy Potter. Golden Lion were the visitors that day.

A rather ad-hoc group, presumably half-time at some game in 1980-81.

John Field, Rob Phillis, Ray Child, Martin Riley, Steve Watson and Mark Bickerdike. Plus Big Ian (no idea why he is stripped to the waist, sorry).

A particularly amateurish photo (sorry!) from the Final of the "Fearnville Trophy", unofficial competition held at the Sports Centre.

Back: Martin Riley, Ian Clayden, John Field, Paul Kenyon, Ray Child, Steve Watson.

Front: Mark Bickerdike, Pete Gable, Steve Burns, Tim Hirst, Chris Shenton.

Fearnville Sports centre, 30th May 1981.

HFFC 1981-82.

Back: Mark Sweeney, Mark Bickerdike, Dave Vernon, Martin Riley, Rob Phillis, Ray Child, Bernie Gilmore.

Front: Bruce Tremlett, Andy Lewis, Simon Hockney, Mal Clements, Tim Hirst, Paul Kenyon (I think!)

A recently rediscovered, and appallingly over-exposed, pic of the team that opened the 1981-82 season with such confidence, so disappointed to lose 4-3 at Becketts on the opening Sunday. Carr Manor, 13th September 1981.

Photo definitely one of mine, as if you hadn't guessed.

HFFC in yellow away kit of 1981-82 vintage.

Back: Mark Sweeney, Martin Riley, Ray Child, Bernie Gilmore, Rob Phillis, Dave Vernon, Mark Bickerdike, Steve Watson.

Front: Tim Vickerman, Simon Hockney, Bruce Tremlett, Chris Fitzgerald, Andy Lewis.

Judging from the poor quality of the picture, it's probably one of mine. As a guess I'd say the venue is Suttons, the home of Shoulder of Mutton, which would make the date 8th November 1981.

A particularly bizarre shot of the yellow shirts on someone's washing line.

Sometime in 1981-82, I guess.

The HFFC Supporters' Club, 1981-82. Chris Fitzgerald, Ian James, Cath Helliwell, Ian Clayden, Tim Hirst, Mal Clements, and seated Andy Lewis.

Photo probably by me, I was always keen to capture silly stuff like this in those days.

HFFC 1982-83.

Back: Martin Riley, Tim Vickerman, Mark Sweeney, Mark Bickerdike, Bernie Gilmore, Simon Holmes, Mark Burrows, Rob Phillis, Andy Lewis.

Front: Steve Burns, Simon Hockney, Ian James, Ray Child, Craig Oddy.

Photographer was probably Helen, hard to guess the venue though.

HFFC 1983-84.

Back: Simon Holmes, Tim Vickerman, Mark Sweeney, Mark Burrows, Bernie Gilmore, Martin Riley, Rick Slack, Ray Child, Neil Oddy (Manager).

Front: Dave Vernon, Tim Hirst, Steve Burns, Steve Palmer, Simon Hockney, Craig Oddy.

Photo taken by Jim Muddiman of Roundhay Albion before a pre-season friendly at Gledhow School, 21st August 1983.

Ray Child, Martin Riley, Ian Clayden, Dave Vernon, Bernie Gilmore, Tim Hirst, Steve Palmer, Mark Sweeney, Mark Bickerdike, Craig Oddy, Steve Burns, and front Neil Oddy.

Taken at Bedquilts on the day we should have played Merry Monk, 4th September 1983. No idea who took this one.

HFFC 1984-85.

Back: Neil Oddy (Manager), Mark Bickerdike, Tim Vickerman, Mark Burrows, Colin Brown, Andy Mountain, Dave Vernon, John Steenson, Ray Child.

Front: Ian Jagger, Tim Hirst, Steve Burns, Craig Oddy, Howard Churchill.

Picture looks like Fearnville Sports Centre, so probably a pre-season friendly but can't pin down the date. Photographer unknown.

A very windswept pic from the opening game of 1983-84, at home to Cookrdige Rangers, when it appears something very interesting was happening on the next pitch.

Back: Dave Vernon, Andy Mountain, Colin Brown, Mark Sweeney, Tim Vickerman, John Steenson, Neil Oddy.

Front: Chris Fardon, Tim Hirst, Mark Burrows, Craig Oddy, Steve Burns, Mark Bickerdike, Ray Child.

Roundhay pitch 5, 9th September 1984, photographer unknown.

Back: Mark Bickerdike, Bernie Gilmore, Chris Fardon, Ray Child, Mark Burrows, Mark Sweeney, Simon Hockney.

Front: Dave Vernon, Tim Vickerman, Tim Hirst, Craig Oddy, Steve Burns, Neil Oddy.

From the line-up, I think this was the home game with Blenheim Albion, 31st March 1985. Photographer Mrs Hirst?

The same players in a different order, so probably the same match?

Back: Mark Bickerdike (Manager), Tim Vickerman (and trunks), Mark Burrows (yes, I've had to censor this one), Ray Child, Mark Sweeney, Tim Hirst, Neil Oddy.

Front: Dave Vernon, Simon Hockney, Bernie Gilmore, Craig Oddy, Chris Fardon, Steve Burns.

HFFC 1985-86.

Back: Dave Vernon (and Michael), Mark Bickerdike, Mark Burrows, John Steenson, Ray Child, Neil Oddy, Mark Sweeney (and Adam).

Front: Billy Potter, Chris Fardon, Tim Vickerman, Simon Vickers, Simon Hockney, Steve Burns, Craig Oddy.

Going by the fact that The Sweeney isn't playing, I reckon this was the Blands Arms game on 29th September 1985 - the last match Mark missed before injury ended his career in the summer of 1990, 124 games later.

Roundhay pitch 5 is the venue, I suspect the photographer was Heather.

Post-match inquest outside changing rooms at Roundhay: Simon Holmes, John Steenson, Billy Potter, Mark Bickerdike, Craig Oddy, Mark Burrows, Ray Child, Simon Vickers, and doing his Ian Curtis impression, Dave Vernon.

I reckon this was the Negas RO game on 20th October 1985.

HFFC 1986-87.

Back: Ray Child, Dave Vernon, Iain Davison, Mark Sweeney, Simon Vickers, Tim Vickerman, Andy Davison, Neil Oddy, Tim Hirst.

Front: Craig Oddy, Steve Burns, Mark Bickerdike, Phil Troughton, Chris Fardon, John Steenson, Mrs Hirst.

Picture was taken at Roundhay Park after the Deer Park game on 7th September 1986, by Joan I think.

Back: Iain Davison, Dave Vernon, Craig Oddy, Simon Vickers, Tim Vickerman, Mark Sweeney, Phil Troughton, Chris Fardon.

Front: John Steenson, Steve Burns, Mark Bickerdike, Ray Child (and Leon), Andy Davison, John Hryszko.

Cross Flatts at home on 14th September 1986. I suspect Gary Watson was the photographer.

The same group again, with Gary substituting for John, and Chris moving further away from Leon.

"Team work wins matches. Team spirit enables team work." The changing rooms for Thurstons game at the Oval Ball, Farsley, 28th December 1986.

Mark Sweeney, Dave Widdowson, Ray Child, John Hryszko.

HFFC 1987-88.

Back: Phil Troughton, Tim Vickerman, John Hryszko, Dave Postle, Ray Child, John Steenson, Mark Sweeney.

Front: Chris Fardon, Simon Hockney, Dave Vernon, Mark Bickerdike, Andy Davison, Tim Hirst.

Photo taken at Temple Newsam 25th October 1987 (away to East Leeds CC) by Yours Truly.

HFFC 1988-89.

Back: Gary Watson, Mark Bickerdike, Mark Sweeney, Dave Postle, Craig Oddy, Tim Vickerman, John Hryszko (Manager), Dave Vernon, Martin Woods.

Front: John Steenson, Tim Hirst, Steve Burns, Phil Troughton, Simon Hockney, Chris Fardon, Jason Green.

The picture was taken at East End Park, 18th September 1988, on the occasion of the Northern Star cup tie, by persons unknown.

Back: Gary Watson, John Hryszko, Mark Bickerdike, Tim Vickerman, Dave Postle, Dave Vernon, Craig Oddy, Mark Sweeney, Ray Child.

Front: Steve Burns, Chris Fardon, Martin Woods, Phil Troughton, Simon Hockney.

Hard to be sure but I think this is the Unicorn game at Lofthouse Rec on 25th September 1988.

Back: Chris Fardon, Simon Hockney, Tim Vickerman, Dave Postle, Mark Sweeney, Dave Vernon, Nick Glancy, John Hryszko.

Front: Ray Child, Martin Woods, Gary Watson, Phil Troughton, Craig Oddy, Steve Burns.

The Drysalters game at home, 2nd October 1988.

A rare shot of the much-loved silver away kit.

Martin Woods (8), sub Gary Watson, I think it's Marten Gadd seated, Dave Vernon (11), Mark Sweeney, John Hryszko, Mark Bickerdike (9), Sooty (Assistant Manager), Craig Oddy, Dave Postle.

Seacroft Park (home of Oddys Builders), 9th April 1989.

HFFC 1989-90.

Back: Dave Postle, Mark Bickerdike, Simon Vickers, Mark Sweeney, The Inflatable Sub, Tim Vickerman, Sheldon Bonner, John Hryszko with Sooty.

Front: Chris Fardon, Steve Burns, Bob Matthew, Martin Woods, Gary Watson, Dave Vernon.

Roundhay Park is the venue, Kippax Band the opposition, 24th September 1989, photographer unknown.

The first Old Codgers Match.

Back: Dave Vernon, Mark Sweeney, John Hryszko, Simon Vickers, John Steenson, Bob Matthew, John Field, Tim Hirst, Mark Bickerdike, Ian McGregor, Martin Riley, Chris Fitzgerald, Dave Murphy, Rob Phillis, Tony Cole, Paul Kenyon.

Front: Craig Oddy, Gary Watson, Chris Fardon, Simon Hockney, Phil Troughton, Steve Burns, Andy Lewis, Howard Churchill.

Taken at Roundhay 28th April 1990, by Michele if memory serves.

Mark Bickerdike, 1961-1990. Defender, midfielder, striker, Captain, Top Scorer, Manager, Player of the Year. A legend among a team of legends.

Pic from the YEP.

HFFC 1990-91.

Back: Dave Postle, Dave Vernon, Bob Matthew, Tim Vickerman, Simon Vickers, John Steenson, Kelvin Tapley.

Front: Tim Hirst, Simon Hockney, Martin Woods, Phil Troughton, Lee Monaghan.

Lord Nelson at home, 9th September 1990.

Back: Andy Davison, Simon Vickers, John Steenson, Dave Vernon, Dave Postle, Kelvin Tapley, Craig Oddy.

Front: Phil Troughton, Simon Hockney, Tim Vickerman, Martin Woods, Tim Hirst, Lee Monaghan.

The Leeds Waldens cup tie played on pitch 10 at Roundhay, 16th September 1990.

The "11th Anniversary" Match, Weeetwood 4th May 1991. Basically, current team in green and black v Old Codgers in yellow.

Back: Bob Matthew, Kelvin Tapley, John Steenson, Dave Vernon, Chris Fardon, Nick Glancy, John field, Paul Kenyon, Ian McGregor, Martin Riley, Bruce Tremlett, Simon Holmes, Mark Sweeney, Pete Trivunovic, Iain Davison.

Front: Craig Oddy, Gary Watson, Phil Troughton, Martin Woods, Chris Fitzgerald, Tony Cole, Steve Burns, Dave Dowden, Islam Ratyal.

HFFC 1991-92.

Back: John Steenson, Tony Marcinkowski, Tim Vickerman, Bernie Gilmore, Dave Vernon, Kelvin Tapley, Sean Taylor, Phil Troughton.

Front: Stuart Parmenter, Simon Hockney, Tony Reilly, Martin Woods, Craig Oddy, Simon Cockill.

Picture was taken at Roundhay Park, 22nd September 1991, probably by me. Unicorn were the opposition.

Back: Mark Bramfitt, Kelvin Tapley, Tim Vickerman, Phil Troughton, Dave Vernon, john Steenson, Chris Fardon.

Front: Craig Oddy, Tony Reilly, Martin Woods, Simon Hockney, Stuart Parmenter, Simon Cockill.

And Bernie.

The Bridgefield game at home, 6th October 1991.

Back: Bob Matthew, Phil Troughton, John Steenson, Bernie Gilmore, Dave Vernon, Sean Taylor, Kelvin Tapley.

Front: Stuart Parmenter, Steve Burns, Tim Hirst, Gary Watson, Simon Hockney, Craig Oddy.

Picture was taken at South Leeds Sports Centre, 22nd March 1992 (the Cross Flatts game), by Michele.

Woody Receiving Division Six Championship Trophy from Combination League Secretary Peter Jackson, 5th April 1992.

Yours truly captured the moment.

Combination Division Six Champions 1991-92.

Back: Stuart Parmenter, Kelvin Tapley, John Steenson, Tim Vickerman, John Hryszko, Bernie Gilmore, Sean Taylor, Chris Fardon, Dave Vernon, Mark Sweeney, Phil Troughton, Iain Davison, Marten Gadd.

Front: Tony Marcinkowski, Simon Hockney, Martin Woods, Gary Watson, Mark Bramfitt, Craig Oddy, Bob Matthew, Steve Burns.

Taken at Roundhay 5th April 1992, by Amanda.

1992 LDRA Champions Trophy Runners-Up squad receiving their medals.

Craig Oddy, Lee Monaghan (7), Sean Taylor, John Steenson (4).

Fullerton Park, 9th August 1992.

HFFC 1992-93.

Back: Nick Brophy, Scott Wilkinson, John Steenson, Minny, Dave Vernon, Bernie Gilmore, Sean Taylor, Phil Troughton, Kelvin Tapley.

Front: Jason Green, Tim Vickerman, Martin Woods, Craig Carter, Lee Monaghan.

Picture taken at Roundhay before the West Hunslet Cons game, 13th September 1992, most likely by me.

Easter League Final team.

Back: Dave Vernon, Phil Troughton, Sean Taylor, Andrew Minnock, Bernie Gilmore, John Steenson, Bob Croft, Kelvin Tapley, Simon Cockill.

Front: Scott Wilkinson, Howard Spence, Pete Reilly, Craig Carter, Craig Oddy, Lee Monaghan.

Weetwood, April 21st 1993.

Bernie receiving Easter League trophy from some chap in a bright jacket.

Back: Dave Vernon, Kelvin Tapley, Bob Croft, Simon Cockill, Sean Taylor, Minny, Tim Hirst, Lee Monaghan, Phil Troughton, no idea (sorry) and Mark Bramfitt.

Front: John Steenson, Scott Wilkinson, Toast, Craig Carter, Bernie Gilmore, Craig Oddy, Pete Reilly.

Taken at Weetwood April 21st 1993. I took the pic but had a lot of advice from Craig.

The by-now annual Old Codgers Match, Fearnville Sports Centre 24th April 1993. Dinosaurs in yellow; Small Hairies in green.

Back: Simon Holmes, John Hryszko, Neil Oddy, Mark Sweeney, John Steenson, Dave Vernon, Kelvin Tapley, Bernie Gilmore, Bruce Tremlett, John Field, Ian McGregor, Martin Riley, Dave Widdowson, Howard Churchill.

Front: Simon Hockney, Simon Cockill, Richard Oddy, Gary Watson, Tim Vickerman, Stuart Parmenter, Dave Murphy, Pete Gable and Russell, Chris Fitzgerald, Steve Procter, Steve Burns.

HFFC 1993-94.

Back: Dave Vernon, Scott Wilkinson, Paul Blair, Bernie Gilmore, John Steenson, Kelvin Tapley, Simon Cockill.

Front: Craig Carter, Richard Dalton, Martin Woods, Tony Jowsey, Bruce Tremlett, Lee Monaghan.

Picture taken at Roundhay before the Omnibus game, 5th September 1993, probably my fault again.

Mawson Trophy Semi-Final Team and supporters.

Back: Stuart Wilkinson (Scott's Dad), Kelvin Tapley, Bruce Tremlett, John Hryszko, Dave Vernon, Paul Blair, Minny, Scott Wilkinson, John Steenson, Mark Sweeney, Tony Jowsey, Tim Hirst, Craig Oddy, Phil Troughton, Gary Watson, John Duckworth, Pete Gable.

Front: Russell Gable, Simon Cockill, Craig Carter, Sean Taylor, Bernie Gilmore, Lee Monaghan, Martin Woods.

Lockwood Farm, Middleton, 3rd March 1994.

Some random fans from the above game.

Mawson Trophy Final Team.

Back: Tony Jowsey, Lee Heywood, Dave Hall, Sean Taylor, Minny, Paul Blair, Dave Vernon, John Steenson, Bernie Gilmore, Scott Wilkinson, Kelvin Tapley, Simon Cockill.

Front: Russell Gable, Steve Burns, Chris Fitzgerald, Craig Carter, Martin Woods, Lee Monaghan, Craig Oddy.

Farsley Celtic FC, 10th April 1994.

The Old Codgers Match, Fearnville Sports Centre 14th May 1994.

Back: Neil Oddy, Craig Oddy, Phil Troughton, Iain Davison, John Steenson, Andy Davison, Stuart Parmenter, John Hryszko, Simon Holmes, Kelvin Tapley, John Field, Bernie Gilmore, Ian McGregor, Martin Riley, Paul Kenyon, Dave Vernon and offspring, Howard Churchill.

Front: Tony Bowler, Richard Oddy, John Patterson, Tony Jowsey, Simon Hockney, Craig Carter, Russ Gable, Steve Burns, Chris Fitzgerald, Pete Gable, Steve Procter, Simon Hockney.

HFFC 1994-95.

Back: Lee Monaghan, Dave Vernon, Andy Constable, Scott Wilkinson, Dave Postle, John Steenson, Kelvin Tapley.

Front: Lee Woods, Darran Wilkinson, Richard Kelly, Martin Woods, Craig Carter, Brendan Walkden.

The Iveson game at Bedquilts, 26th February 1995.

Old Codgers Match, Fearnville Sports Centre, 29th April 1995.

Back: Rob Phillis, Kelvin Tapley, Ray Child, Paul Kenyon, Dave Vernon, John Field, Brian Wilkinson, Simon Vickers, Phil Troughton, John Steenson, Mark Sweeney, John Hryszko, Richard Oddy, Chris Bird, Craig Oddy.

Front: Simon Hockney, Dave Murphy, Pete Gable, Chris Fitzgerald, Tim Hirst, Gary Watson, Tony Jowsey, Simon Hockney, Tim Vickerman, Colin Wilson, John Patterson.

The first Irish trip.

Back: Gary Stevens, Karen Woods, Andy Constable, Jim Brown, Paul Coggins, Sean Taylor, Lee Monaghan, Minny, Richard Bridgemount, Rob Willets, Joanne Kelly.

Front: Steve Burns, Neil Grayson, Martin Woods, Phil Ridsdale, Brendan Walkden, Angie Hough.

Taken in Clancy Park, Dundalk, 23rd July 1995. Louth LUSC were the opposition.

HFFC 1995-96.

Back: Phil Ridsdale, Lee Woods, Dave Postle, Sean Taylor, John Steenson, Minny, Kelvin Tapley.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Brendan Walkden, Neil Grayson, Craig Carter, Martin Woods, Brian Cowling, Dave Hall.

The cup game against Republica Highland, Bedquilts, 17th September 1995.

Ireland again.

Back: Phil Ridsdale, Paul Coggins, Sean Taylor, Richard Bridgmount, Steve Mayhew, Dave Orchard, Lee Monaghan.

Front: Brendan Walkden, Steve Burns, Martin Woods, Dave Ridsdale.

Clancy Park, Dundalk, 22nd June 1996.

HFFC 1996-97.

Back: Neil Grayson, Andy Constable, Andy M Jackson (Jacko), Paul Coggins, Kelvin Tapley, Sean Taylor, Dave Postle, Steve Mayhew, Martin Woods, Mark Hepworth.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Dave Ridsdale, Brendan Walkden, Phil Ridsdale, Craig Carter, Andy Bowler, Lee Woods, John Steenson.

The away game with Leeds Postal, Bedquilts, 13th October 1996.

HFFC 1997-98.

Back: Mark Hepworth, Sean Taylor, Andy M Jackson, AJ Jackson, Martin Woods, John Steenson, Mark Duce, Richard Harper.

Front: Andy Bowler, Craig Carter, Dave Ridsdale, Phil Ridsdale, Simon Parker, Lee Monaghan.

A long-forgotten photo of the team that started that season, away to the Sphinx at Churwell Rec, 7th September 1997.

Back: Lee Monaghan, Kelvin Tapley, Mark Duce, AJ Jackson, Andy M Jackson, Richard Harper, Sean Taylor, John Steenson, Martin Woods.

Front: Nobby Rhodes, Mark Hepworth, Phil Ridsdale, Craig Carter, Dave Ridsdale, Simon Parker, Andy Bowler, Lee Woods.

Bedquilts, date probably 14th September 1997, which would make it Leeds Postal at home.

Very serious squad group in regulation tracksuits before the Luty Cup Semi-Final against Drighlington Victoria.

Back: Kelvin Tapley, John Steenson, Mark Hepworth, Richard Harper, Shaka Taylor, AJ Jackson, Andy Constable, Mark Duce, Simon Coen.

Middle: Andy Bowler, Lee Monaghan, Nobby Rhodes, Dave Ridsdale, Craig Certer.

Front: Simon Parker, Phil Ridsdale.

Allerton Bywater, 8th March 1998.

Riggsy Receiving Luty Cup from Peter Jackson (League Secretary) and Alan Cook (President), followed by Richard Harper, Andy Constable, Craig Carter, Simon Parker, Andy Bowler.

Bracken Edge, 19th April 1998.

1997-98 Luty Cup Winning team.

Back: Kelvin Tapley, John Steenson, Sean Taylor, Nobby Rhodes, AJ Jackson, Martin Woods, Dave Ridsdale, Simon Parker, Lee Monaghan, Mark Hepworth.

Front: Richard Harper, Steve Burns, Andy Constable, Mark Duce, Phil Ridsdale, Craig Carter, Andy Bowler, Damion, Jamie and Arran.

1998 LDRA Champions Trophy Runners-Up squad.

Back: Simon Coen, Ian Kenworthy, Lee Monaghan, Sean Taylor, Richard Harper.

Front: Woody, Dave Ridsdale, Simon Parker, Andy Bowler.

St Nicholas School, 2nd August 1998.

HFFC 1998-99.

Back: Richard Harper, Lee Woods, Richard Oddy, Simon Coen, John Steenson, Phil Ridsdale, Mark Duce, Sean Taylor, Sandy Lay, AJ Jackson.

Front: Damion Darby, Martin Woods, Lee Monaghan, Andy Bowler, Dave Ridsdale, Simon Parker, Craig Carter, Lee Orange, John Newsome.

Away to Morley Mercantile, Churwell Rec, 6th September 1998.

Back: Andy Bowler, Richard Harper, Richard Oddy, Sean Taylor, Mark Duce, Nobby Rhodes, AJ Jackson, Simon Coen, John Steenson, John Newsome.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Craig Carter, Phil Ridsdale, Lee Woods, Lee Orange, Simon Parker, Martin Woods.

District Cup tie against Potternewton Athletic, Bedquilts, 20th September 1998.

HFFC 1999-2000.

Back: Martin Woods, Paul Rhodes, Mark Duce, Simon Lee, AJ Jackson, Phil Ridsdale, Steve Sedgwick, Pete Guzdek.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Richard Lord, John Steenson, Dave Ridsdale, Nobby Rhodes, John Newsome, Steve Mason.

Our first game in the Wharfedale Triangle, Milford the visitors, Bedquilts, 5th September 1999.

Riggsy receiving Wharfedale Triangle Division One trophy from Mick Mudd after the title decider against Crown Celtic.

Bedquilts, 23rd April 2000.

Wharfedale Triangle Division One winning team 1999-2000.

Back: Jo (Sandy's wife), Kev Collier, Martin Woods, Simon Parker, Kelvin Tapley, James Hunt, John Steenson, AJ Jackson, Mark Duce, Simon Lee, Steve Sedgwick, Paul Rhodes, Lee Orange, Christine (Sedge's Mum) with Tristan and infant, Karen Woods, Carolyn Brown (partially obscured, shortly to be Mrs Jackson), Joy (Mrs Newsome).

Front: Youngest member of Sandy's family, Nobby Rhodes, John Newsome, Dave Ridsdale, Andy Bowler, Phil Ridsdale, Lee Monaghan, Sandy Lay.

Riggsy receiving Wharfedale Triangle League Cup trophy from Harry Nicholson (League Chairman) and Dick Hyman (Secretary), watched by Simon Lee and James Hunt.

The Park Rangers game at Guiseley FC, 30th April 2000.

Wharfedale Triangle League Cup winning team 1999-2000.

Back: Martin Woods, Paul Rhodes, John Steenson, AJ Jackson, Kelvin Tapley, James Hunt, Simon Lee, Mark Duce, Kev Collier (partially obscured), Steve Sedgwick, Jamie.

Front: Lee Monaghan (junior and senior), Steve Burns, Arran, Lee Orange, John Newsome (plus offspring), Sandy Lay (plus offspring), Dave Ridsdale, Phil Ridsdale, Simon Parker, Nobby Rhodes.

Riggsy holding the trophy yet again, this time it's the Wharfedale Triangle League's Fair Play Trophy, no less.

For some reason, he finds it amusing.

And finally for 1999-2000, Horsforth Sport & Fun Day, 5-a-Side winners, Hall Park, 18th June 2000.

Squad members: Steve Sedgwick, James Hunt, Mark Duce, Andy Bowler, Phil Ridsdale, Nobby Rhodes, Martin Woods, and kneeling Simon Parker.

HFFC 2000-01.

Back: Simon Lee, Arran, Matthew Leech, Mark Duce, James Hunt, Pete Guzdek, Phil Ridsdale, Andy Jackson, Steve Sedgwick, Kelvin Tapley, David Pitchforth.

Front: Richard Lord, Dave Ridsdale, Nobby Rhodes, Simon Parker, John Newsome, John Steenson, Andy Bowler, Nick George, Lee Monaghan, Woody.

Esholt, 1st October 2000, the occasion of John Steenson's 400th game for the club, away to Shipley town.

Wharfedale Triangle League Cup Final side of 2001.

Team group in club t-shirts before boarding coach at The Bridge.

Riggsy receiving League Cup again, following win over Station Wanderers.

Also visible: Dave Pitchforth (sub goalie), Richard Lord (16), AJ Jackson (10), Pete Guzdek, Dave Ridsdale.

Wharfedale Triangle League Cup winning team 2000-01.

Back: Matthew Ridsdale, James Hunt, David Pitchforth, Nick Perchard, Andy Jackson, Pete Guzdek, Mark Duce, Simon Lee, Andy Bowler, I think that's Nobby behind AB, Steve Sedgwick, John Steenson, Martin Woods.

Front: Mike Romagnoli, Lee Monaghan, various other Monaghans, Simon Parker, Richard Lord, Phil Ridsdale, Dave Ridsdale, Nathan, John Newsome and family.

Crag Road FC, Apperley Bridge, 13th May 2001.

HFFC 2001-02.

Back: Andy Bowler, Woody, Steve Sedgwick, Nick Perchard, Simon Lee, John Steenson, Andy Jackson, Mark Duce, Liam Fenteman, Simon Banoub, Danny Wilson.

Front: Shannon, Arran, Lee Monaghan, Michael Romagnoli, Simon Parker, Phil Ridsdale, Matthew Ridsdale, James Hunt, Jamie.

Bedquilts, 23rd September 2001, Keighley Athletic were the visitors.

HFFC 2002-03 - the Blue Period.

Back: Lee Monaghan, Karen, Simon Coen, Dave Ridsdale, Liam Fenteman, Paul Rhodes, Matthew Ridsdale, James Hunt, AJ Jackson, Phil Ridsdale, Mark Duce, Simon Lee, John Steenson, Simon Banoub, Dave Pitchforth, Chris Bennett, Kev Collier, Steve Sedgwick.

Front: Daryl, Pete Guzdek, Simon Parker, Lee Orange, Lee Woods, John Newsome, Mike Romagnoli, Ara Boyrazian, Woody.

Leeds University Playing Fields, 6th August 2002, a huge squad for the Old Rovers friendly.

The trip to Brighton.

Back: Andy Constable, Liam Fenteman, Matt Hazel, Pete Guzdek, Dave Fawcett, Matt Ridsdale, Karen.

Front: Woody, Brendan Walkden, Phil Ridsdale, James Hunt, Simon Coen, Andy Bowler.

Portslade Leisure Centre, 2nd July 2003, Croydon's AFC Puma were the opposition.

HFFC 2003-04.

Back: Shannon, Daryl, Liam Fenteman, Mark Duce, Mark Merritt, Matt Hazel, Phil Ridsdale, Leroy Watson, Andy Jackson, Matty Ridsdale, Simon Banoub, Simon Coen, Scott Lyons, John Newsome, Richard Harper.

Front: Nathan, Darren Bickersteth, Dave Ridsdale, James Hunt, Simon Parker (the camera's over here), Pete Guzdek, Lee Monaghan and LK, Woody.

Away to Park Rangers at St Mary's School, Menston, 7th September 2003.

HFFC 2004-05.

Back: Richard Yarnold, Kelvin Tapley, Matt Hazel, Steve Sedgwick, Mark Duce, Simon Banoub, Richard Horton, Geoff Knight.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Paul Unwin, Ben Avison, Simon Parker, James Hunt, Sam Sinclair, Chris Davies.

Bedquilts, 5th September 2004. Shipley Town were the visitors.

2005 Horsforth Invitational 5-a-Side Tournament winners.

Back: Martin Woods, Simon Banoub, Richard Horton, Richard Yarnold, Matt Hazel, Mark Wani, Andy Bowler, Michael Carroll.

Front: Simon Parker, James Hunt, Paul Unwin, Mark Duce, Geoff Knight.

Lawnswood YMCA, 30th May 2005.

HFFC 2005-06.

Back: Mark Duce, Simon Banoub, Richard Horton, Lee Longbottom, Steve Sedgwick, Scott Lyons, Lee Woods, Matt Hazel.

Front: Lee Monaghan and young Lee, Sam Goodall, Paul Unwin, John Newsome, Richard Noble, Andy Bowler and Shannon, Woody.

The home game against Crossflatts, Bedquilts, 4th September 2005.

HFFC 2006-07.

Back: Kev and Deb, Neil Hughes, Adam Foss, Jonathan Postle, Richard Horton, Dom Seymour, Andy Bowler, John Newsome, Woody and Karen.

Front: Manoz Skantzos, Barry Armtstrong, Lee Monaghan and LK, Jamie Martin, Richard Hudson, Lee Woods.

Friendly away to Siddal Athetic at Siddal WMC, 6th August 2006.

Back: Simon Hinkins, Neil Hughes, Adam Foss, Dom Seymour, Lee Woods, Steve Sedgwick, Richard Horton, Rob Stones, Matt Hazel, Karen.

Front: Baz Armstrong, James Hunt, Richard Lester, Lee Monaghan, Richard Hudson, Andy Bowler, Jamie Martin, John Newsome, Woody.

Pre-season game against Milford at Weetwood, 13th August 2007.

Wharfedale Triangle League Cup Final side 2006-07.

Back: Barry Armstrong, Andy Bowler, Matt Hazel, Sam Goodall, Richard Horton, Andy Merifield, Lee Monaghan, Steve Sedgwick, Adam Foss, James Hunt, Simon Hinkins, Jamie Martin, Ben Avison, John Newsome, Mark Duce, Jonathan Postle.

Front: Lee Woods, Richard Hudson, ?, LK, Nathan, Madison, Simon Parker.

Final against Rawdon at Thackley FC, 29th April 2007.

HFFC 2007-08.

Back: Christine, Karen, Woody, Alex Goodall, Matt Hazel, Richard Horton, Andy Merifield, Simon Hinkins, Steve Sedgwick, Adolph Masocha, Mark Duce, Simon Banoub, Mark Bonner, Matt Ridsdale.

Front: Jamie Bell, Anthony Bell, Joel Graves, Sam Goodall, Richard Hudson, Simon Parker, Barry Armstrong, James Hunt, Lee Monaghan, Andy Bowler, John Newsome.

I think this is the Rawdon game at Bedquilts, on 2nd September 2007.

Leeds FA Sunday District Cup Final 2008.

James, Sedge, Richard and Lee Mon being presented with runners-up medals after the game against Pudsey 2005.

Sorry for the poor quality, but not many photos of this occasion exist.

Bracken Edge, 22nd April 2008.

HFFC 2008-09.

Back: Steve Sedgwick, Mark Duce, Kevin Ferguson, Andy Merifield, Simon Banoub, Tom Kaye, Phil Ridsdale, Richard Horton, Simon Hinkins, Jon Vernon.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Anthony Bell, Barry Armstrong, Sam Goodall, Alex Goodall, John Newsome, Woody.

The Horsforth derby, Bedquilts, 7th September 2008.

HFFC 2009-10.

Back: Adam Foss, Matt Smith, Kev Ferguson, Richard Horton, Simon Banoub, Andy Merifield, Jon Vernon, Simon Hinkins, Jamie Bell, Woody.

Front: Sam Goodall, Chris Jones, Lee Monaghan, Barry Armstrong, Danny Murphy, Anthony Bell, John Newsome.

Away to Crossflatts, 6th September 2009.

The Lawnswood Invitational 5-a-Side trophy being presented to Sedge and Lee Mon by Darren Hands of Westbrook FC.

Lawnswood YMCA, 24th July 2010.

5-a-Side winning squad: Andy Gough, Simon Hinkins, Steve Sedgwick, Andy Wills, Lee Monaghan, James Thorp, Dean Herron, Andy Kearsley, Scott Robinson, Jon Vernon, James Kearsley, Mike Sinnott.

HFFC 2010-11.

Back: Simon Hinkins, Chris Markham, Chris Buttery, Andy Gough, Phil Smith, Anthony Bell, Will Low.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Simon Banoub, Jon Vernon, Scott Robinson, Dean Smith, Mike Sinnott.

Friendly against Westfield at Queensway, Yeadon, 29th August 2010.

Back: Karen, Marc Rayner, Will Low, Jon Vernon, Chris Markham, Richard Horton, Chris Buttery, Steve Sedgwick, Andy Gough, Simon Hinkins, Phil Smith.

Front: Anthony Bell, Simon Banoub, Sam Goodall, John Newsome, Scott Robinson, Oliver Frei, Lee Monaghan, Mike Sinnott, Woody.

Away to Young Guns FC, at David Young Centre, Seacroft, 5th September 2010.

Presentation of Combination Division One trophy to Woody, and for some reason me, by Mick Peterkin, following the home win against AFC Bramley.

Combination Division One Champions 2010-11.

Christine and various Sedgwicks, Woody, Andy Gough, Simon Banoub, Chris Markham, Jamie Francis, Phil Smith, Lee Monaghan, Will Low, Richard Horton, Chris Buttery, Steve Sedgwick, Alex Goodall, Simon Hinkins, Dean Herron, Barry Armstrong, Joe Waite, Mike Sinnott, Danny Riley, Marc Rayner, Kev Collier.

Bedquilts, 17th April 2011.

HFFC 2011-12.

Back: Callum Postle, Andy Gough, Jamie Francis, Javier Zambrano, Errol Todman, Dean Herron, Mat Lamping, Chris Jones, Jonathan Postle, Jon Vernon, Jake Harvey, Matt Smith, Sedge (and family).

Front: Woody, Lee Monaghan, Jermaine Ranger, Noureddine Aifa, Tom Wriglesworth, John Newsome, Anthony Smith, Joe Waite.

Bedquilts, 4th September 2011, the visit of Morley Celtic.

HFFC 2012-13.

Back: Ed Banham, Tom Low, Chris Jones, Tom McCarthy, Neil Harrison, Jamie McCafferty, Dave Scott, Jon Vernon, Andy Gough, Steve Gaines.

Front: Dean Herron, Jamie Francis, Scott Robinson, Craig Harrison, Steve Sedgwick, Lee Monaghan, Woody.

Friendly against Yeadon Veterans, at Weetwood, 5th August 2012.

Back: Jake Harvey, Jamie McCafferty, Tom Low, Jonathan Postle, Neil Harrison, Tom McCarthy, Ed Banham, Phil Smith, Woody.

Front: James Thorp, Jon Vernon, Simon Parker, Craig Harrison, Dave Scott, Scott Robinson, Jamie Francis, Lee Monaghan, LK.

Friendly against Yeadon Westfield, at Weetwood, 19th August 2012.

HFFC 2013-14.

Back: Ashley Moore, Neil Harrison, Anthony Smith, Olly Roper, Ed Banham, Tom Wilson, Chris Jones, Jon Vernon, Jamie Norris-Green, Dave Lloyd, Steve Skillern, Woody.

Front: Lee Monaghan, Dave Shapland, Jamie Francis, Scott Robinson, Dave Howarth, Shane Wright, Phil Smith, Steve Sedgwick.

I think this was taken at the Old Ball friendly, at Weetwood, 4th August 2013.

Simon Parker's 250th goal for the club, scored against the Engine at Pepper Road, Hunslet on 27th October 2013.

Lee Mon's 500th game for HFFC, at home to Swillington Welfare.

Back: Kev Collier, Jack Ambler, Steve Skillern, Chris Jones, Jack Pope, Jon Vernon, Olly Roper, Jamie McCafferty, Dave Scott, Phil Smith, Woody, Jamie Francis, and me.

Front: Tom Wilson, Shane Wright, Craig Harrison, Simon Parker, Lee Monaghan, Dave Shapland, Scott Robinson, Dean Herron.

Bedquilts, 24th November 2013.

Phil Smith being presented with Division One trophy by Combination League Chairman Les Wilson.

The Bridge, 13th April 2014.

Combination Division One Champions 2013-14.

Back: Woody, Steve Sedgwick, Olly Roper, Dean Lock, Jon Vernon, Ed Banham, Rob Wilson, Steve Skillern, Dave Lloyd, Scott Robinson (with Popey's jersey).

Front: Craig Harrison, Lee Monaghan, Simon Parker, Dave Scott, Phil Smith, Jamie Francis, Dave Howarth, David Shapland, Shane Wright.

HFFC 2014-15.

Back: Woody, Rob Wilson, Dave Scott, Jon Vernon, Ed Banham, Chris Jones, Jack Pope, Steve Skillern, Phil Smith, Kev Collins, Mono Hamilton, Steve Sedgwick, Lee Monaghan.

Front: Scott Robinson, Kev Hoyle, Craig Harrison, Liam McHale, David Shapland, Jamie Francis, Dan Hyde.

The Pudsey Juniors game, Bedquilts, 31st August 2014.

Winners of AFC Horsforth's Martin House Charity 7-a-Side Tournament 2015.

Steve Skillern, Lee Monaghan, Scott Robinson, Kev Hoyle, Dave Howarth, Ed Banham, Craig Harrison, Olly Roper, Liam Mchale, Lewis McHale.

Outside the Old Ball, 6th June 2015.

HFFC 2015-16.

Back: Chris Markham, Steve Sedgwick, Steve Skillern, Olly Roper, Dave Howarth, Ed Banham, Rob Wilson, James Thorp, The Otley Bard, Lee Monaghan père et fils.

Front: Dan Hyde, Dave Shapland, Kev Hoyle, Jamie Francis, Tom Wilson, Craig Harrison, Mike Popplewell, Woody.

Friendly against Churwell Lions at Bruntcliffe Academy, Morley, 26th August 2015.

Back: Woody, Steve Skillern, James Thorp, Tom Wilson, Rob Wilson, Dave Howarth, Olly Roper, Ed Banham, Lewis McHale, Karen, the Lee Mons senior and junior.

Front: Dan Hyde, Liam McHale, Mike Popplewell, Kev Hoyle, Dave Shapland, Craig Harrison, Jamie Francis, Anthony Bell.

The home game against Belle Isle WMC, Bedquilts, 13th September 2015.

HFFC Summer League 2016.

Back: Dan Hyde, George Lancaster, Jack Diamond, Chris Jones, Jonathan Postle, Tom Wilson, Jack Pope, Woody and Karen, Lee Monaghan junior.

Front: Lee Monaghan senior, Kev Hoyle, Shane Bell, Scott Robinson.

The Western Juniors game at Fearnville, 5th June 2016.

HFFC 2016-17.

Back: Woody, Steve Minshull, Steve Skillern, Gary Litvinov, Rob Wilson, Jack Pope, Chris Jones, George Lancaster, Luke Molloy, Lee Monaghan, Karen.

Front: Craig Harrison, Jack Diamond, Olly Roper, James Thorp, Dave Howarth, Dave Shapland, Jamie Francis.

Against Hope Inn Whites, Bedquilts, 11th September 2016.

HFFC 2017-18.

Back: Liam McHale, Olly Roper, Craig Harrison, Steve Minshull, Chris Jones, Gavin Penrose, Jonathan Postle, Gary Litvinov, Rob Wilson, Thorpy, Luke Monaghan, Luke Molloy, Ed Banham.

Front: Woody, Matty Pickering, Shane Bell, Jamie Francis, George Lancaster, Kev Hoyle, Dave Shapland, Tom Wilson.

Against New Pudsey, Bedquilts, 3rd September 2017.

HFFC 2018-19.

Back: Kevin Collier, Tom Wilson, Steve Skillern, Rob Wilson, James Hawes, Jonathan Postle, Phil Smith, James Thorp, Gary Litvinov, Chris Jones, Woody.

Front: Matty Pickering, Dave Shapland, George Lancaster, Kev Hoyle, Shane Bell, Jamie Francis, Dave Howarth.

Against Hampsthwaite United, Bedquilts, 2nd September 2018.

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