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HFFC 1996-97: You Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs.

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HFFC 1996-97.
Back - Neil Grayson, Andy Constable, Andy M Jackson (Jacko), Paul Coggins, Kelvin Tapley, Sean Taylor, Dave Postle, Steve Mayhew, Martin Woods, Mark Hepworth.
Front - Lee Monaghan, Dave Ridsdale, Brendan Walkden, Phil Ridsdale, Craig Carter, Andy Bowler, Lee Woods, John Steenson.
Bedquilts, 13th October 1996.

Back: Neil Grayson, Andy Constable, Andy M Jackson (Jacko), Paul Coggins, Kelvin Tapley, Sean Taylor, Dave Postle, Steve Mayhew, Martin Woods, Mark Hepworth. Front: Lee Monaghan, Dave Ridsdale, Brendan Walkden, Phil Ridsdale, Craig Carter, Andy Bowler, Lee Woods, John Steenson.

  Not for the first time, Horsforth followed a promotion season with a relatively disappointing one. Though acquitting ourselves well enough at a higher standard, finishing comfortably in the top half, we could and should have done better still. The team was fairly consistent, the squad growing ever stronger. Dave Postle was in the nets again (he even scored a goal from a long kick downfield once). Dave Ridsdale, John Steenson, Sean Taylor and Kelvin Tapley took up the load again in defence, with Craig Carter now embarking on a new career at left-back. Riggsy and Lee Monaghan held the midfield together, along with Neil Grayson and Jacko. Another new recruit, Mark Duce, was added to the blend in the spring; sadly, Neil departed at about the same time. In the attack, Heppy and Brendan Walkden opened the show, with Andy Bowler coming into contention in the autumn, and AJ Jackson (no relation to Jacko - the club now had two Andrew Jacksons on its books) in the spring, Brendan being redeployed to the midfield. Others who contributed at various stages were Steve Mayhew, Lee Woods and, as ever, Andy Constable.

  An interesting departure was the brief experiment with a more modern formation in the early spring, with two wing-backs, three defenders and three in midfield. Perhaps, in a more routine season, this would have proved a greater success than it did; as it was, it was abandoned towards the end of a match against the White Lion in March that turned out to be the last game we lost until the following January. This was in fact a season which began and ended very well, but sagged alarmingly in the middle. At times we played with almost the same panache as the previous campaign; at other times it was more reminiscent of the more distant past! Still, you learn from experiences like this, and the course of the club's fortunes in 1997-98 would indicate that the 1996-97 season was just the lull before the storm. The 4-1 win against Farsley Fleece at Stanningley in October, which put us all too briefly atop the league table, must have been the high point.

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League Table.

Leeds Combination AFL Division 2, 1996-97.


P W D L F A Pts
White Lion 22 15 3 4 83 43 33
Troydale 22 14 3 5 79 38 31
Acorn 22 13 2 7 54 42 28
Horsforth Fairweather 22 11 5 6 61 35 27
Sphinx OB 22 10 4 8 56 43 24
Micklefield 22 9 5 8 39 42 23
Omnibus 22 11 4 7 70 48 22*
Farsley Fleece 22 10 2 10 49 44 22
AFC Whinmoor 22 7 2 13 49 60 16
Magic Roundabout 22 4 8 10 35 55 16
Leeds Postal 22 5 5 12 40 54 15
Beeston Hill Social 22 1 1 20 23 113 3

* - Four points deducted.

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Results 1996-97.

September 1st Beeston Hill Social (A) League 2-2 P.Ridsdale, AM.Jackson.
September 8th Sphinx OB (H) League 7-3 Monaghan, L.Woods 2, Hepworth, Walkden, Carter, P.Ridsdale.
September 15th Belle Isle WMC (H) District Cup Round 2 2-1 Monaghan, Own Goal.
September 22nd Farsley Fleece (A) League 4-1 Carter, A.Bowler 2, Hepworth.
October 13th Leeds Postal (A) League 3-1 Monaghan, Own Goal, Hepworth.
October 20th Iveson (H) District Cup Round 3 1-3 Carter.
October 27th Leeds Postal (A) Luty Cup Round 1 3-1 Hepworth, P.Ridsdale, Monaghan.
November 3rd AFC Whinmoor (H) League 2-2 P.Ridsdale, AM.Jackson.
November 17th Micklefield (A) League 1-2 Carter.
December 1st Magic Roundabout (H) League 4-1 Hepworth, A.Bowler (pen), Carter, Monaghan.
December 15th Omnibus (H) League 1-4 P.Ridsdale.
January 19th Magic Roundabout (A) Luty Cup Round 2 4-5
Hepworth, Walkden, P.Ridsdale, Taylor.
January 26th White Lion (H) League 1-2 A.Bowler.
February 2nd Farsley Fleece (H) League 0-2  
February 9th AFC Whinmoor (A) League 2-0 D.Ridsdale, Hepworth.
February 16th Troydale (H) League 2-4 A.Bowler, Hepworth.
February 23rd Acorn (A) League 2-0 Hepworth 2.
March 9th Omnibus (A) League 1-1 P.Ridsdale (pen).
March 16th White Lion (A) League 0-2  
March 23rd Leeds Postal (H) League 6-1 Hepworth 2, P.Ridsdale, Postle, A.Bowler, AM.Jackson.
March 30th Sphinx OB (A) League 2-2 Hepworth, Walkden.
April 6th Acorn (H) League 5-1 AM.Jackson, Duce, Hepworth 2, Constable.
April 17th Troydale (A) League 1-1 AJ.Jackson.
April 20th Micklefield (H) League 7-1 Carter, Walkden 2, P.Ridsdale 3 (1 pen), Tapley.
April 27th Beeston Hill Social (H) League 4-0 Carter, Walkden, A.Bowler 2.
May 4th Magic Roundabout (A) League 4-2 Hepworth, P.Ridsdale, Walkden, AJ.Jackson.

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Appearances 1996-97.





Bowler, Andy 16 9 8
Bowler, Terry 1    
Burns, Steve   1  
Carter, Craig 23   7
Coggins, Paul   1  
Constable, Andy 1 9 1
Duce, Mark 11 1 1
Grayson, Neil 7 2  
Hepworth, Mark 25   16
Jackson, AJ 3 8 2
Jackson, Andy M 13 5 4
Mason, Steve 1 1  
Mayhew, Steve 3 7  
Monaghan, Lee 26   5
Postle, Dave 25   1
Ridsdale, Dave 21 1 1
Ridsdale, Phil 26   12
Steenson, John 16 2  
Tapley, Kelvin 24   1
Taylor, Sean 17 1 1
Walkden, Brendan 20   7
Wilkinson, Brian   1  
Woods, Lee 6 2 2
Woods, Martin 1 8  
Own Goals     2

Also signed - Terry Hallas, Craig Jessey, Richard Kelly, Gary Powner, Paul Reilly, Tony Reilly, Jonathan Parkinson.

Games as captain - P.Ridsdale 26.

Games as goalkeeper - Postle 26, T.Bowler 1.

Cautions - Monaghan, Tapley, Walkden, Taylor 1 each.

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Player of the Year - Phil Ridsdale.

Goal of the Season - Dave Postle (v. Leeds Postal at home).

Most Improved Player - Brendan Walkden.

Top Goal Scorer - Mark Hepworth (16).

Club Colours.

First choice - Green and black striped shirts, black shorts, green and black socks.

Change - All white.
(worn in the away match with Troydale).

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